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Getting Started: Choosing the Right Technology

Selecting a Tool

Consider the instructional problems below. Each of them has at least one rationale for using technology and some options for tools are suggested.

Instructional Problem Technology Solutions Provide Access Improve Learning Outcomes Continuous Improvement Improve Efficiency
Try the flipped classroom approach Learning Management System Lecture Capture  Clickers  
Make lectures more interactive Clickers    
Extend discussions outside the classroom Learning Management System
Provide additional support and/or resources for difficult concepts Learning Management System Lecture Capture  
Benefit from the expertise of guest lecturers Lecture Capture Web-conferencing (Adobe Connect)  
Streamline your grading process Learning Management System    
Facilitate group work Learning Management System  
Make your course materials more accessible Learning Management System Lecture Capture  
Manage course communications Learning Management System    
Provide more feedback to students on learning Learning Management System Clickers  


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