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Inviting a MITACS Academic Visitor

Congratulations! you have been awarded with the Globalink Inbound Research Award (GRA inbound). In order to invite an intern to Concordia and award him/her with the Academic Visitor status you must complete a MITACS Academic Visitor Request form and obtain the signature from your chair and Associate Dean, Research. These are the steps you need to follow to complete the process:

1. Complete the MITACS Academic Visitor Request Form. Forms should be accompanied by:

  • My curriculum vitae
  • Photocopy of passport information page showing name and date of birth
  • Letter from home institution confirming affiliation
  • Copy of Mitacs award letter

2. Obtain your department chair’s signature;

3. Submit the form to your corresponding Faculty (please see contact below), for your Associate Dean, Research, approval;

ENCS: Georgia Michalakopoulos / S-EV 2152 / x 4036

A&S: Lori Dupuis / L-AD 302 / x 2089

JMSB: Tania Chomyk  / S-MB 11335 / x 2733

FA: TBC / S-EV 2736 / x TBC

4. Once signed by your Associate Dean, Research, Concordia International will issue and send an invitation letter to the intern. Please note that the Academic Visitor status will only be granted once the process is completed and the intern has accepted the terms and conditions and signed Concordia University's letter of invitation.

For further information please contact Julio Sevilla ( at Concordia International.


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