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Completing a MITACS GRA application


The Mitacs Globalink Research Award (GRA) offers senior undergraduate*, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows the opportunity to undertake 12- to 24-week research projects co-supervised by professors at accredited universities in partner countries. The award is open to all disciplines. Applications are accepted at any time.

Considerations and tips to submit your application:

1. Identify a professor in one of the eligible destinations.
For tips to help you identify a professor please visit: Four ways to find a professor for a GRA collaboration.

2. Complete your application. Please find the GRA application package at: Mitacs GRA Application package.

To obtain help during your application process contact Anna-Maria Moubayed, Mitacs Business Development Representative at:

Please note that you will need to obtain both your Home and Host supervisors' signature for the Mitacs GRA application form.

The Pre-departure and Student Code of Conduct and the Ethics will need to be sumitted after the Mitacs GRA is awarded (these forms are not needed at this point).

3. Your Home supervisor is responsible for submitting your application through Concordia's Research Administration Database (ConRAD).

Important: all Mitacs GRA applications must be approved and signed by the Office of Research (OOR). This signature will be obtained after yor Home supervisor summit the application through ConRAD. Once signed, the Office of Research will forward the application to Mitacs. 

The Mitacs approval process takes about 6 weeks (after the application is submitted by Concordia University).

Travel to the destination prior to the approval of the award is not permitted. 

4. Once your project is approved you will receive a letter from Mitacs and Concordia International with further instructions.

You will need to make an appointment with Concordia International ( to receive a pre-departure information session and obtain the signature for your Mitacs pre-departure form. For more information on "completing a Mitacs pre-departure form" visit: Completing a Mitacs Pre-departure form.

5. Accept your GRA award and submit both forms: the Student Code of Conduct and the Ethics, and the International Pre-departure Form (with the signature of Concordia International).

For further information please contact Julio Sevilla ( at Concordia International or Anna-Maria Moubayed, at MITACS. 

*Please note that Concordia students are considered full-time if they are registered for both Fall and Winter semesters for a total of 24 credits.

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