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Preparing a generation of African youth for work

Did you know...

By 2050, over half of the world's population under the age of 24 will live and be educated in sub-Saharan Africa?


Despite strong economic growth in many countries in sub-Saharan Africa, high youth unemployment remains one of the most urgent political and socio-economic challenges?


The FutureWise team is passionate about transforming university education to prepare African youth to thrive in today’s economy, and that of the future.

The challenge

Although high youth unemployment remains one of the most urgent political and socio-economic challenges in Africa, FutureWise recognizes one of the continent’s greatest potentials for economic growth is an expanding population of dynamic, ambitious youth, in search of training, mentoring and economic opportunities.

So how is FutureWise committed to preparing African youth for the jobs of the future? These three ways:

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challenges and solutions
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actionable strategies
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key partners
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The project

Tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.

The FutureWise Project

"Higher education is the key to empowering young people to drive social and economic development. Developing the right knowledge and skills to access and create the jobs of the future has the potential to benefit the livelihoods of a billion people in the region, which is why the ACU is harnessing the strength of its network of over 500 universities across the Commonwealth — including more than 100 in Africa — to respond to the challenge of youth unemployment."

The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)

Project Contact

Julio Sevilla, International Projects Manager, Concordia International

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