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CCSL Special Project Funding Guidelines 2020-2021


The CCSL is the highest non-academic advisory committee in the university regarding issues of student life on campus.  CCSL voting members include students, faculty, student service administrators & staff.

CCSL makes funds available to support projects that enhance or contribute to the quality of student life at Concordia.  Events, projects or initiatives that enhance student life are ones that seek to positively raise awareness or engage the student body in a social, political, educational or cultural context. The fund is designed to support innovative and unique activities rather than the on-going operating expenses of student groups and initiatives; after all, it is a special projects fund.

The fund should be distributed as equitably as possible amongst broad-based, university-wide projects of mass appeal, as well as small, target-based projects that have limited funding sources.

The environmental, social and economic sustainability of a project is of great importance to the CCSL. The Council encourages all applicants to do their utmost to inform themselves of the many useful resources available to them at the university in order to ensure that the project is as sustainable as possible. These include:

Sustainable Events at Concordia University

The Sustainable Event Guide

The Dish Project

The Concordia University’s Centre for Creative Reuse

The Waste Not, Want Not Composting Campaign

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