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2016 Award Winners

The following individuals are the winners of the CCSL Outstanding Contribution Award for 2016.

Students: Buruç Asrin, Chloe Williams, Jenna Cocullo, Kristina Kefalas

Staff and Faculty: Dave McKenzie, Dr. Donald de Guerre

Buruç Asrin

20160322 CCSL Award Winners Buruc Asrin

Buruç was the inspiration for and creator of the first Concordia Major League Hackathon (MLH). For the last two years, he has directed a team of 10 students in all aspects of the organization and the direction of the first official Concordia MLH Hackathon, ConUHacks, which was held in the JMSB building on the 23rd and 24th of January this year. The 10 student executive team, headed by Buruç, ran a superbly organized event with an attendance of 388 students from all the engineering faculties in Montreal, and from faculties in Ontario and the US.

Buruç’s initiative, imagination and above all his work and that of his team have put Concordia on the forefront of the growing international Hackathon movement of student software competition. This is a profoundly significant contribution in the raising of the profile of Concordia’s computing programs and of the competence of the students the university educates. 

Chloe Williams

20160322 CCSL Award Winners Chloe Williams

Chloe’s contributions to student life cannot be overstated. She works tirelessly to support numerous campus projects, going well above and beyond her role as an elected CSU executive. Chloe’s support for the Hive Café has been steady and consistent from its inception, and she continues to play an invaluable role for the organization. From her committed work on the board and on the HR committee, she easily does the work of multiple board members. Chloe is also involved in hosting student community events like Open Mic sessions and has been integral in implementing the Loyola Dish Project.

Due to her reliability, work ethic and generally friendly approach to life, Chloe is one of those much sought after people. Her commitment to student service is endless, from her role in the Concordia Food Coalition over the years, to her position on the library services fund committee this year. Chloe does not put herself into the spotlight, but works humbly and diligently in the background, happy to see the projects and people supported. 


Dave McKenzie

20160322 CCSL Award Winners Dave McKenzie

As the Founder and Coordinator of the MBA Community Service Initiative, Dave routinely goes above and beyond in his efforts to create unique experiences for the MBA students he works with. In so doing, he also facilitates opportunities for students to give back to the broader community through their learning. 

Whether he is matching students with internships that best fit their skills and interests, networking with leaders from the non-profit sector, or orchestrating large-scale events that bring students and the community together, Dave’s dedication to his work is evident. Another example of the tremendous impact that Dave has had on Concordia and the community is his “Young CEO” program. Each year Dave invites dozens of youth from high schools across Montreal to JMSB to take part in business and leadership development workshops facilitated by MBA students. 

Dave seeks to instil a lifelong value for community involvement in his students. He truly plays a key role in helping Concordia’s students develop into the citizens and change-makers of the future. 

Dr. Donald de Guerre

20160322 CCSL Award Winners Don deGeurre

Dr. Donald de Guerre is widely regarded in the professional domain as a cutting edge thinker and scholar. His most significant contributions can be found in the hundreds of graduate students he has touched with his perspectives about human systems and how they change. Don cares deeply for the world and puts all his energy into projects that build community, trust and a foundation for a desirable future for all. He continues to amaze those around him with how he contributes to Concordia and Montreal communities, and beyond, with great humility and wisdom. Don is generous with his students, continually extending invitations to opportunities for applying their learning through small department projects to large community initiatives.

Don’s contributions are countless. His pedagogy is unique, experiential and deeply humanistic. Don teaches by example, walks the talk and never says ‘no’ to a student who needs to figure out a community project, a work-related challenge, or a personal transformation. While Don’s legacy to the world is unfolding in silent ways, his influence has been budding across Canada and beyond. 

Jenna Cocullo

20160322 CCSL Award Winners Jenna Cocullo

Jenna has been giving back to the Concordia community since her very first year when she began writing for the Concordian. Since then, she has improved life on campus in so many different ways, from encouraging the university administration to divest from fossil fuels with Divest Concordia, to being one of the leading faces of culture change at the Arts and Science Federation of Associations (ASFA). As President of ASFA, Jenna has been working tirelessly to restructure the student association to make it a safer and more supportive place for its member associations. 

With ASFA, Jenna has organized Rad Sex Ed Week – a week of teaching consent and sex-positivity to students, as well as spearheaded an interdisciplinary academic journal. She is a member of the Arts and Science Faculty Council, the Academic Programs Committee of Arts and Science, CSU Council and CSU’s committees, all while completing her honour’s thesis on Environmentalism in Montreal in Anthropology with a double major in Communications. 

Kristina Kefalas

20160322 CCSL Award Winners Kristina Kefeles

Kristina is described as a leader within the community and an excellent teaching assistant, always patient and genuinely caring for all her students. She is involved in student government, extra-curricular activities, and volunteerism, all while maintaining an outstanding academic record. As a TA in the Faculty of Engineering & Computer Science, Kristina spends an exhaustive amount of hours preparing tutorials, making presentations and typing out class handouts so that students can better understand the material. 

The long list of Kristina’s involvement includes her participation in student governance as VP Academic with the Engineering and Computer Science Association (ECA), she has been engaged in the Dean Search Committee, ESCUSC committee and spearheaded an effort to offer free engineering crash tutorials by the ECA. Kristina was also Secretary and Ambassador of Concordia’s Garnet Key Society, promoting a positive image of Concordia at important events, as well as to work alongside the Office of the President. 

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