Big Hairy Ideas 2016 Project Winners

This year's Big Hairy Ideas Competition had three projects: Waste Not, Want Not, Hairy like a Unicorn - A Genders, Sexualities and Learning Diversity Audit and the Concordia University Centre for Creative Reuse. 

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Waste Not, Want Not is a 3-track approach to establishing a complete compost cycle at Concordia: access to a composting facility, installing compost bins across all of Concordia and an educational campaign through a collaborative comprehensive approach. By having each part of the Concordia community play a role, the administration is committed to providing the infrastructure. Faculty is committed to educating the community. Students are committed to leading and volunteering with enthusiasm to become the beating heart of this initiative. The rainbow unicorn of a complete compost cycle meshes perfectly with Concordia strategic directions, builds on its surging sustainability momentum and is finally at our finger tips.

If you are interested in being involved you can volunteer by going to the link and filling out the form.

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Hairy like a Unicorn - A genders, sexualities and learning diversity audit is a voluntary Concordia wide project to look at course curriculum, syllabus, policies and forms to highlight areas of best practices around gender, sexuality and learning diversity inclusiveness. As a first of it's kind in Quebec, the final report can then be used by departments, student groups and faculities to improve student services and experience and also foster a more diverse and inclusive community within Concordia.

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Concordia University’s Centre for Creative Reuse (CUCCR) focuses on the artistic and pedagogical reuse of materials that are abundant across the university walls. This effort aims to positively impact the goal of becoming a zero waste university at both SGW and the Loyola campuses. Repurposing useable materials and making them available in one central location opens up creative opportunities and intersections for innovation, transdisciplinary research, and educational experiences  and collaboration for all ages. 

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