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Commissioner of Oaths

A Comissioner of Oaths is an individual who the government authorizes to certify the authenticity of documents. We offer free Commissioner of Oaths services to graduate students.

To facilitate the process, please take note of the following guidelines:

  • Please photocopy the whole document (and not selected pages) including the reverse pages where there are any stamps, seals, signatures or unique numbers. Affirmations are not done for partial or incomplete documents
  • We don’t affirm pages that are damaged or torn.
  • Please bring your Concordia University valid student I.D. card
  • This service is offered only to currently registered Concordia Students and their spouses and children. The spouse needs to be present to get her/his document(s) affirmed along with a photo ID.
  • As you wait to be served, please arrange your papers in order (original with the photocopy) so that the process runs smoothly.
  • If your documents do not conform to affirmation standards, we reserve the right to refuse them.  A maximum of 15 pages may be affirmed on a given date.

The service is offered at the following times:

  • Graduate students: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 am to 10:00 am. Please call 514-848-2424 x 3992 to verify availability.

Please note that times may be subject to change.

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