This challenge proposes to bring together students with mentors around the creation of robotics learning activities and resources that appeal to a broad population of diverse learners. A particular goal is to target the inclusion of underrepresented groups in STEM sciences. The robotics-themed activities will allow for multiple levels of engagement to those who participate regardless of their prior knowledge. The hackathon planning will happen over the fall, 2021. Through conversations, the group co-constructs resources that will be compelling to learners and broaden opportunities for innovation and exploration in this new era of open-source robotics.


  • robotics education
  • robots for sustainability
  • climate action
  • responsible consumption
  • diversity and inclusion in robotics activities


The group will reflect on what constitutes robotics, the challenges of learning to program and control hardware, open-source learning activities, challenges and opportunities for blended learning (online and in-person) in robotics.

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