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The project’s governance structure includes a steering committee and a coordination committee.

Steering committee

Composed of academic and administrative leaders the steering committee will comment and advise on all aspects and deliverables of the digital strategic projects and activities. The group will meet twice a semester during the fall and winter semesters.


  • Anne Whitelaw, Interim Provost & VP Academic (chair)
  • Nadia Hardy, Interim Deputy Provost, Faculty Development and Inclusion
  • Paula Wood-Adams, Vice-President Research and Graduate Studies
  • Michael Di Grappa, Vice-President, Services and Sustainability
  • Guylaine Beaudry, Vice-Provost Digital Strategy
  • André Roy, Dean Arts and Science
  • Rebecca Duclos, Dean Fine Arts
  • Amir Asif, Dean of the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science
  • Anne-Marie Croteau, Dean John Molson School of Business
  • Effosyni Diamantoudi, Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Sandra Grabriele, Vice-Provost, Innovation in Teaching and Learning
  • Nadia Bhuiyan, Vice-Provost, Partnerships and Experiential Learning
  • Gracy Pardillo, Associate Vice-President, Finance and Controller
  • Carolina Willsher, Associate Vice-President, Human Resources
  • France Bigras, Associate Vice-President and Chief Information Officer, IITS
  • Isabel Dunnigan, Associate Vice-President Lifelong learning and Executive Director, Continuing Education
  • Robert Beauchemin, President & CEO, eConcordia/KnowledgeOne
  • Philippe Beauregard, Chief Communications Officer, UCS
  • Denis Cossette, Chief Financial Officer, Financial Services
  • Patrick Kelley, Special Advisor to the President
  • Alex Aragona, Executive Director Application Portfolio Management & CISO, IITS
  • Sylvain Picard, Director IT Architecture/Security/Planning, IITS


Coordination committee

Composed of cross-functional representatives and individual projects leads the coordination committee meets weekly to ensure the coordination of project activities and deliverables including but not limited to special events, monthly progress reports, and budgetary oversight.


  • Guylaine Beaudry, Vice-Provost Digital Strategy (Chair)
  • Paul Fournier, Director, Digital Strategy
  • Linda Campione, Director, Process Transformation
  • Jasia Stuart, Coordinator, Digital technologies, Library
  • Céline Fortin, Senior Lead, Planning and Summer Programming
  • Corinne Charette, Executive-in-residence, John Molson School of Business
  • Jason Ens, Executive Director, Academic Policy, Planning and Strategic Initiatives, OPVPAA
  • Julieta Galan, Director, Producer of L'Atelier XR, eConcordia/Knowledge
  • Lorie Kloda, Associate University Librarian, Planning and Community Relations
  • Mike Popoff, Director, User Services, IITS
  • Robert Cassidy, Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning
  • Sandra Grabriele, Vice-Provost, Innovation in Teaching and Learning
  • Dianne Cmor, Associate University Librarian, Teaching and Learning
  • Jesse Drukker, Project Manager/Information Architect UCS
  • Laura Cridge, Project Coordinator, OPVPAA


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