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January 20, 2020 – February 21, 2020

How is synthetic biology reshaping our world?

A rapidly emerging new area of research, synthetic biology is already being recognized as a game-changer in everything from the fight against climate change and global food insecurity to the production of life-saving medications and therapies. Operating at the crossroads of biology, engineering, and computer science, the field is also challenging and reshaping disciplinary boundaries to drive creative collaboration in unprecedented ways. 

At Concordia, researchers from across disciplines are leading the way in developing synthetic biology technologies that can be applied to food production, drug development, sustainable manufacturing, and more, while also investigating the ethical implications and social impacts of these new technologies. The University is also home to the only genome foundry in the country: an innovative facility that uses robotics to automate synthetic biology processes. 

From January 20 to February 21, visitors came to 4TH SPACE to learn more about how Concordians are rethinking, recreating, and reinterpreting biological systems to contribute to this exciting new field. They engaged with displays and media that brought you behind the scenes and into the labs of researchers from the Centre for Applied Synthetic Biology. Visitors participated in workshops and talks with students from Concordia’s award-winning iGem team, and joined a biotalk with District 3.


SynBio at 4TH SPACE

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Interview with Steve Shih

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Biotalk Café

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Interview with Alisa Piekny

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Interview with David Kwan

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