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This company started off in rural Quebec with very few artists and over a very few years became a global powerhouse.

Patrick Leroux
CNN (2015)

Je voulais vraiment un lieu de rencontre où on serait capables d’approcher la pensée dans tous ses modes.

Erin Manning
Le Devoir (2015)

Video archives

Cirque du Soleil sold to investor group

In April 2015, Patrick Leroux, an expert on circus and associate professor in the Department of Englsih, spoke to CNN about the sale of Cirque du Soleil.

Cryobook archives - Tagny Duff

This installation features a series of handmade books made of human and pig ex-plant tissue, HaCat cells and a synthetic biological virus (Lentivirus). These four sculptures are exhibited in a "Cryobook Archives", a portable freezer unit made into a mobile miniature library. 
Video courtesy of Science Gallery Dublin

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