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Current Projects

There are 12 open textbooks currently under development that are funded by Concordia's OER Grants

Four of them are being piloted in class: 

Professor Course Department Open Textbook
Brian Vermeire AERO 455 Computational Fluid Dynamics for Aerospace Applications Mechanical, Industrial, and Aerospace Engineering Computational Fluid Dynamics: An Open-Source Approach [Draft] 
Leslie Barker  EXCI 251 Fundamentals of Health and Physical Activity Health, Kinesiology, and Applied Physiology Fundamentals of Health and Physical Activity [Draft] 
Lucy Farisello PSYC 305 History and Systems Psychology History of Psychology (Noba)
Stéphane Brutus  MANA 362 Human Resource Management  Management  Human Resources Management - Canadian Edition [Draft]

The rest are expected for 2020/2021:

Professor Course Department Timeline
Bruno Lee  BLDG 341 Building Engineering Systems Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering 2021

Charles Basenga Kiyanda

Lyes Kadem

ENGR 251 Thermodynamics I and MECH 351 Thermodynamics II Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace Engineering 2021

David Secko

Cristina Sanza

JOUR 443 The Digital Magazine Journalism 2021
Jillian O'Connor PSYC 325 Fundamentals of Social Psychology Psychology 2021
Peter Morden AHSC 380 Quantitative Research Methods for Practitioners Applied Human Sciences 2021
Pierre-Yann Dolbec  MARK 452 e-Marketing  Marketing  2021
Saul Carliner EDUC 270 Educational Communication Education 2021
Susan Liscouet-Hanke AERO 201 Introduction to Flight and Aerospace Systems Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace Engineering 2021
Walcir Cardoso  TESL 330 Computers in Language Learning Education 2021
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