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Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching, learning, and research materials in any medium that permit no-cost access, use, adaptation, and/or redistribution by others. These open and reusable resources may include textbooks, curricula, syllabi, lecture notes, question banks, audio-video material, assignments, rubrics, etc. 

Adapted from "Open Education: Content" (EDUCAUSE) 

OER overview Getting to know the basics
What are open educational resources? Why are they used? What are some faculty and student perspectives?
A hand holding a book with pages flipping
Major OER collections Find OER
Where can you find OER? How do you access or download an open textbook? What about quality?
Three people pointing at the screen of a laptop
Open Textbook Grants Apply and view
How to apply for Concordia University's OER Open Textbook Grants? How might I view projects that have received an open textbook grant?
Dim yellow lights hanging down
OER Tools & Support Adopt, Customize, Create
Need help orienting yourself with the publishing platform, open licenses, and accessibility tools for the work of adopting, customizing, or creating OER?
The wooden structure underneath a pier
Decolonize with OER Forthcoming
How can OER engage with decolonizing pedagogy, re-acculturation, social justice, and more?

Photos: By Nicole HoneywillJohn SchnobrichKari Shea, Scott Trento, and Patrick Perkins, public domain 

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