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Environmental engineering handbooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries

This list is a selection of the more important sources of information on Environmental Engineering available at Concordia Library. It includes material held in the Webster Library (WEB) on the Sir George Williams Downtown Campus, the Vanier Library (VAN) on the Loyola Campus and/or available online. Most materials are located in the Reference area (REF). This is not a complete list. Additional resources may be found by searching CLUES, the library catalogue.

Guides to engineering information

These resources will help you to identify many major sources of information. You can then check in CLUES to see if the newly located items are in the library.

Dictionaries and encyclopedias

These resources provide definitions and background information on a topic. Some encyclopedias may also direct you to further sources of information.


These resources vary in the content they provide. You may find definitions, background information, in-depth discussion of a topic, or data. Some may also direct you to further sources of information.
Many handbooks are in the circulating collection so check CLUES for additional items. Do a KEYWORD search and type in a word describing your topic and the word "handbooks", e.g. KEYWORD > water handbooks.


Directories provide information about people, products and companies. Internet searching may also retrieve similar information.


These resources will enable you to identify articles from periodicals (journals) by subject. Databases are listed on the Librarie's web site. References in some databases have a link that says Find it!@Concordia. This link helps you to know whether Concordia has the journal mentioned in the reference.

A journal title search in CLUES will also show you if the periodical is available at Concordia. Most databases listed are licensed by the Concordia Library and require a Library PIN to be accessed off-campus.

Standards and codes

These are arranged in alphabetical order by issuing body on shelves designated "Standards" in the Webster Library Reference area. Standards are listed in CLUES but some can still be difficult to find. If you are not sure if the library has a copy of a standard you are looking for, speak to a Reference Librarian.

Examples of major standard-making bodies are: ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials); CSA (Canadian Standards Association); NRC (National Research Council of Canada which produces the National Building Codes). Most organizations have their own web sites to identify standards. Some codes and standards are posted on the Internet by their issuing bodies

Government information

There may be Canadian or Quebec statutes (laws) and regulations that would be of interest e.g. Canadian Environmental Protection Act, Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act. These are found in the Webster Government Documents unit and on the Internet. Other government reports may also be useful and may be catalogued as part of the libraries circulating collection or available in Webster Government Documents unit. Many government departments have web sites that may provide useful data for your research. Consult Reference or Government Documents staff to find out how best to look for government information on your topic.

Internet sites of interest

See also the Research Guide by Subject for Environmental Engineering on the Libraries' web site.

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