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Centre for Small Business and Entrepreneurial Studies

The Centre for Small Business and Entrepreneurial Studies (CSBES) was established in 1984 with the following:

  • To develop and conduct undergraduate and graduate level courses, as well as training programs, designed to prepare individuals for an entrepreneurial career
  • To sponsor and promote research geared toward the needs of small businesses
  • To support Montreal-area entrepreneurs, small businesses, NGOs and entrepreneurial and small business associations.

The CSBES provides consulting and training to entrepreneurs through the Small Business Consulting Bureau, the Entrepreneurship Training Institute, and the Dobson Mentorship Program for Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurs.

The CSBES was founded by Dr. A. Bakr Ibrahim , CIBC Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Business and Director of the CSBES . With over 30 years of experience in the field, Dr. Ibrahim is the author of numerous books and articles on entrepreneurship venture creation and family businesses. He also advises banks, governments and businesses on entrepreneurship and small and family business issues.

The CSBES oversees the following initiatives:

Partnerships & affiliations

The Centre for Small Business and Entrepreneurial Studies works through a network of established partnerships and affiliations that include:

  • The Entrepreneurship Society
  • The Entrepreneurship Club
  • The Y Centre for Entrepreneurship
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