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Doctoral fellowships

Deadline for submission: 5 p.m. on Monday, March 2, 2015

PProactive and strategic use of public relations and communications has emerged as a critical success factor for any organization in today's fast moving and highly mediatised environment. To stimulate and support new and innovative thinking and practice in public relations and communications, the Luc Beauregard Centre of Excellence in Communications Research is pleased to announce its 2014 - 2015 Doctoral Fellowship Competition. Up to three one-year fellowships, each worth $17,500, will be awarded. The ideal candidate should have completed or be near completion of his or her comprehensive examination and the central theme of the candidate’s doctoral work should relate to public relations and communications.

A. Applicants

Applications are open to members of the entire Concordia Community.

B. Application guidelines

  • The Center will accept proposals written in English or French.
  • Please use 12-font and 1-inch margins.
  • Please submit your proposal as Word document or PDF.
    At the end of their fellowship, fellows will be asked to provide a brief report of their ongoing for publication on the Centre's webpage.
  • Application should include:
    • the name, school (department) of the candidate with appropriate contact information;
      the supervisor's name and contact information;
    • a summary of the candidate's research (ongoing or planned) written for a lay audience and for eventual dissemination on the Centre's webpage. Include an overview of the research problem or issue and a summary of the relevant literature and methodology. Also include a timetable for completion and expected graduation.
    • a statement of the expected contributions and an explanation of the specific ways the research will contribute to the literature and practice of public relations and communications;
    • an up to date CV ;
  • Append any additional information that might help reviewers evaluate your application.


C. Evaluation

Applications will be reviewed by members of the Advisory Board of the Centre. Criteria for evaluation will include: 

  1. fit with the parameters of the Centre’s mission;
  2. relevance and usefulness to the field of public relations and communications; and
  3. creative and innovative aspects of the proposed research,
  4. extent to which the field of public relations may benefit from candidate's work.


D. Condition

As a condition of the award, fellows will be required to update the Advisory Board after the first year of work on their progress, and to provide a written report summarizing their key findings at the end of their fellowship for publication on the Centre's webpage and electronic dissemination to friends and supporters of the Centre.

E-mail your application (in one pdf file) to:

Dr. Jordan LeBel, Director, Luc Beauregard Centre of Excellence in Communications Research at no later than 5:00pm on Monday, March 2, 2015.

Results will be announced by the end of May 2015.


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