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Yasaman Gorji

Yasaman Gorji 768

Date of entry: Winter 2013
Expected graduation date: Fall 2018

Current phase of study: Phase III (Thesis)
Status: Full-time student

Research Interests: Network and social capital, family business and entrepreneurship, strategic management


Previous thesis title

  • Three essays on kinship and career outcome”, PhD (Management), Concordia University (2018)

Conference publications

  • Gorji, Y., & Carney, M. (2018). Career development through borrowed social capital. The case of copreneurs in single project organisation,  European Group of Organization Studies (EGOS) Colloquium, Tallin, Estonia
  • Gorji, Y., Carney, M., & Prakash, R. (2018). Does sponsorship promote relatives‚ or career outcomes? The case of show business families, European Academy of Management, Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Etemad, H., Gorji, Y., & Motaghi, H. (2018). The challenges of women business leaders in Canadian fastest growing firms: A network theory approach, Irish Academy of Management, Cork, Ireland
  • Gorji, Y., Carney, Michael, & Prakash, R. (2018). A comparison of classical and postmodern nepotism on recipients' career outcome, 78th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Chicago, US
  • Ayoobzadeh, M., & Gorji, Y. (2017). Does parental support influence offspring's short- and long-term career outcomes? 77th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Atlanta, US
  • Sardari, M., & Gorji, Y. (2017). Organizational network dynamic capability in high-tech start-ups, Administrative Sciences Association of Canada, Montreal, Canada
  • Gorji, Y. (2015). A comparison between competitive and cooperative networks: Effects on the firm’s alliance formation choice, International Conference on Economics and Management of Networks (EMNET), Johannesburg South Africa
  • Tajeddin, M., & Gorji, Y. (2014). Shock, a life-giving or a fatal factor: Political shock and internationalization of SMEs, European Group of Organization Studies (EGOS) Colloquium, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Working papers

  • Indirect nepotism: Network sponsorship, social capital and career performance in show business families. Carney, M., Gorji, Y.,
    & Prakash, R.
  • Marriage, borrowed social capital & career outcome among celebrity couples. Carney, M. and Gorji, Y.
  • Status shift and network evolution. Carney, M. and Gorji, Y.

Academic degrees

  • PhD, Business Administration/Strategic Management, Concordia University, Canada, Fall 2018 
  • MBA, Business Administration/ Strategic Management, University of Tehran, Iran, 2009 

Academic and teaching experience

  • Strategy Execution (MBA), Concordia University, Summer 2018, Part-time Lecturer
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