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Tanya Singh

Date of entry: Fall 2017
Expected graduation date: Fall 2021

Current phase of study: Phase I/II (Courses)
Specialization: Marketing

Status: Full-time student

Research Interests: Branding, cause related marketing, pro-social consumer behavior, big data


I am interested in examining pro-social behavior of both brands and consumers. In the social media age, misinformation is easily propagated and skepticism of brands runs high. However, brands continue to engage in CRM (cause related marketing) despite risks to reputation and alienating certain consumers. This is an interesting phenomenon and I hope to examine the antecedents and consequences of such pro-social behavior in the present age.

I completed my engineering degree in India and then pursued research in evolutionary biology, which spawned my interest in understanding altruistic behavior. This drove me to study consumer behavior, and pro-social behavior in particular.

Work experience

  • Grader (COMM 223), Concordia University, Winter 2018, Montreal, Canada
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