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Graeme MacDermid

Graeme MacDermid

Date of entry: Fall 2016
Expected graduation date: Summer 2020

Current phase of study: Phase I/II (Courses)
Status: Full-time student

Research Interests: Identity work, work and non-work boundaries, autonomous workers, critical management perspectives, working time


I'm interested in how and why people work. In the past I've focused on working hours and the boundary between work and non-work lives. Currently, my focus is more on work identity and how it develops, especially in autonomous (non-organizational) workers. Where relevant, I enjoy examining the role of systemic power structures in determining individual perspectives on work and their behaviour (critical management perspective).

Published / Accepted journal publications

  • MacDermid, G. (2006). Making sense of temporal organizational boundary control. Research Companion to Working Time and Work Addiction
  • Burke, R. J. and MacDermid, G. (1999). Are workaholics job satisfied and successful in their careers. Career Development International
  • Burke, R. J. and MacDermid, G. (1999). A view of their economic future: an exploratory study among recent business school graduates. Education & Training

Academic degrees

  • MBA, University of Western Ontario, Canada, 1992
  • BSc, Civil Engineering, Queen’s University, Canada, 1984 

Academic and teaching experience

  • Organization Behavior (CMHR405), Ryerson University, 2003 – present, Sessional Instructor
  • Organizational Behaviour (CMHR505), Ryerson University, 2003 – present, Sessional Lecturer
  • Organizations and their Environments (ORGS2010), York University, 2009 – 2013, Sessional Lecturer
  • Organizational Behaviour (ORGS5100), York University, 2002 – 2012, Sessional lecturer Organizational Behaviour, American Studies Center, Warsaw University, 1993-1995; 2000, Sessional Lecturer

Work experience

  • Structural Engineer, Stone & Webster Canada Ltd, 1986 – 1990, Toronto, Canada
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