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Alexander Davidson

Alexander Davidson 768

Date of entry: 2012 Fall
Expected graduation date: 2017 Winter

Current phase of study: Phase III (Thesis)
Specialization: Marketing 

Status: Full-time student

Research Interests: Sharing economy


Academic and teaching experience

  • Marketing (GDBA 504), Concordia University, Winter 2015, instructor

Current and previous thesis titles

  • How can european regional airlines remain independant? 1991. MSc. Air Transport Management. Cranfield University.
  • Air freight operations: the role of the Sales' Department of a cargo airline. 1989. MSG. Management Siences.Paris-Dauphine University.

Published / Accepted journal publications

  • Habibi, M.R., Davidson, A. and Laroche, M. (2017). What managers should know about the sharing economy. Business Horizons
  • Davidson, A. and Laroche M. (2016). Connecting the dots: How personal need for structure produces false consumer pattern perceptions. Marketing Letters
  • Davidson, A., Nepomuceno, M. and Laroche, M. Shame on You: When Materialism Leads to Purchase Intentions towards Counterfeit Products. Journal of Business Ethics (Status: In press)

Conference publications

  • Granitz, N., Habibi, M.R., & Davidson, A. (2016). What motivates participation in the sharing economy, Marketing EDGE Direct/Interactive Marketing Research Summit, Los Angeles, California
  • Sultana, B., & Davidson, A. (2016). Funeral selfies: A tool for buffering existential anxieties, 7th Kern Conference on Visual Communication, Rochester, NY
  • Habibi, M.R., Davidson, A., & Laroche, M. (2015). Materialism and the sharing economy: A cross-cultural study of American and Indian consumers, Royal Bank International Research Seminar

Working papers

• Materialism and Participation in Sharing Practices. Davidson, A., Habibi, M.R., & Laroche, M.,
• Materialism and Detectably Counterfeited Goods: The Mediating Role of Embarrassment. Davidson, A., Nepomuceno, M., & Laroche M., M.
• Consumer Patternicity: Investigating the Influence of Abstract Mindsets on Personal Need for Structure. Davidson, A., & Laroche, M.
• Self-Construal, Construal Level and Collaborative Consumption in Emerging and Developed Market. Davidson, A., & Laroche, M.


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