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Linking up

Link-Up form

The Link-Up form officially links the student with a thesis supervisor and committee members; it provides for signatures, proposal status, and a brief description of the thesis topic. 

Linking up and Forming a Thesis Committee

Students should take the initiative in the Link-Up process. The determination of a thesis topic and the establishment of an appropriate working relationship is a mutual process reflecting the academic interests and personal working styles of both the student and the supervisor. You should expect to have to knock on several doors and “shop around” before linking up.

Before seeking to link-up you should normally have completed the core courses and a Research Methodology course. It is also helpful to have a grasp of some of the research issues in your area of specialization (option), therefore, you should have taken at least a few elective courses. For a full-time student March/April is a good time to begin the link-up process in earnest in order to begin your research during the Summer semester. 

Once you have chosen your supervisor you will need to select at least one more committee member in consultation with your supervisor. You then complete the Link-Up form and submit the form to the MSc Program office. The Link-Up form is thought of as a contract between the student and their committee. Before the final defence another faculty member who has at least a general understanding of the area of the proposed thesis must be added to the committee as an independent reader. For a full statement of the various responsibilities relating to the thesis see "Responsibilities Related to the Thesis" below.

Responsibilities Related to the Thesis

Associate Dean, Research and Research Programs

The Associate Dean, Research and Research Programs oversees the supervision of all graduate students enrolled in the MSc and PhD in Administration Programs and serves as the chief liaison with the School of Graduate Studies. The Associate Dean is responsible for ensuring that the student receives proper supervision and that the program requirements are met, and is responsible for keeping the School of Graduate Studies informed of any development in or changes relating to the student’s program, including the appointment of the supervisor and supervisory committee members (where applicable) and changes to that membership, change of student status, course and program change, scheduling of examination dates, etc. The Associate Dean ensures that the student is aware of all program requirements, degree regulations and general regulations of the department and the School of Graduate Studies, provides counsel on all aspects of the program, and stays informed of the student’s research activities and progress. The Associate Dean is also charged with ensuring that students conduct their research in a manner that is as effective, safe and productive as possible. The Associate Dean, is the official representative of the department to its graduate students.


Graduate students are ultimately responsible for their own programs. They are expected to read the Graduate Studies Calendar and any other relevant documents to become familiar with all regulations and deadlines relating to their program. The student’s fundamental responsibilities include ensuring that their registration is accurate and does not lapse, submitting appropriate forms to the department for signature, paying all fees required by the deadline dates set out in the Graduate Studies Calendar.

Thesis Supervisor

The thesis supervisor, in consultation with the Associate Dean, must:

  1. Prepare a program of studies for the student.
  2. Arrange for and attend all supervisory committee meetings and the candidate’s examinations.
  3. Ensure that these are scheduled and held in accordance with Graduate Studies regulations.
  4. Review the thesis both in draft and final forms.
Thesis Committee

In conjunction with the thesis supervisor, the thesis committee meets with the student at various stages during the preparation of a thesis and makes recommendations for revision as required. Normally, the thesis committee approves the thesis prior to its defense and forms the examination committee along with the examining committee chair.

Responsibilities of the Committee Members
The basic responsibilities of the committee members (as distinct from the thesis supervisor) are to:

  1. Approve the thesis proposal.
  2. Provide assistance and direction to the student if necessary and appropriate until the thesis has been defended and accepted.
  3. Evaluate the thesis.
  4. Attend the student’s thesis defense.
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