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There are many different sources for funding for MSc students throughout their time in the program. Please see the information below to learn more.

MSc Student Research (Thesis) Funding

This grant is to help students, together with their faculty supervisor, achieve their thesis research objectives. Funding is available to a maximum of $2,500 per student. Learn more and download the application form.

Graduate Awards & Fellowships

Each year entrance scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis. The number and amounts vary depending on the availability of funds. 

Every year the School of Graduate Studies offers many Fellowships and Awards to graduate students. 

Research Assistantships

Many graduate students receive support in the form of a stipend paid by a faculty member holding a research grant. If you are interested in a Research Assistantship position please speak to professors in your department.

Teaching Assistantships

JMSB typically allocates funds annually to individual departments for teaching assistants, markers, lab demonstrators, conference leaders, etc. Contact professors in your department for details.

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