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Community services

Community and economic development training programs

In response to specific requests, teams of faculty members and students develop and conduct programs to:

  • Train community managers to improve their management, governance and decision-making mechanisms and frameworks. Learn more.
  • Train community entrepreneurs to further enhance their business and managerial skills. Learn more.

Volunteer assistance & placement

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to volunteer for projects that address specific community needs, by matching their skills and interests with the needs of community organizations and /or agencies. 

Speaker series / Exhibitions / Showcases

Faculty, experts, and other practitioners present on topics of interest to the internal and external communities. Community organizations and agencies exhibit and /or showcase their products and / or services.

Please see the list of community organizations that have taken part in our previous showcases on the right.


Online question-and-answer sessions are facilitated between community partners and designated students, faculty members and staff volunteers with the relevant expertise

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