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Community engaged scholarship

1. MBA 695 I – Internship (Community Service Elective)

Student interns provide in-depth consulting for credit under the guidance of faculty. Selected students can be full-time or part-time, must be in good academic standing and should have completed at least four courses (12 credits) of the program.

The MBA CSI coordinator works with representatives of the host organization to determine their specific needs and to develop an internship to address them

  • Approved internships are focused on providing a relevant service to the organization and experiential learning and three credits for the student
  • Internship outlines are posted and students are invited to apply based on their expertise and interests. All applicants are interviewed and those who are deemed to be the best fit are selected
  • Internships are typically completed within one semester and key deliverables include a written report for the client, as well as a report for the program outlining the student’s reflections on the process

2. Community-based Research

Students complete Community-based Research projects for credit under the supervision of faculty. 

3. Case Studies

Faculty members develop, write and teach from case studies and have students conduct analysis and propose solutions.

Case writing and teaching workshops are sponsored for faculty and students and a library of case studies is established.

4. Community Think Tank

A diverse body of leaders, problem-solvers and decision-makers engage in structured dialogue and research, aimed at seeking solutions to community issues and problems. 

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