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Our top-tier faculty is comprised of an elite group of financial academics from the John Molson School of Business and other leading business schools. Many of our faculty hold both PhDs and CFA charters. In addition, a good number of our faculty are active in the industry and can supplement their lectures with references to current issues and real examples based on their personal experience in the market.

Faculty member Course
Amr Addas GIIM 654 - Seminar in International Investment Analysis and Management

GIIM 655 - Socially Responsible & Sustainable Investment

Laura Avery GIIM 617 - Corporate Finance
Sandra Betton GIIM 616 - Quantitative Techniques
Frank Crooks GIIM 633 - Investment Law and Ethics
Gail Fayerman GIIM 620 - Financial Statement Analysis II
Harry Figov GIIM 631 - Asset Allocation and Performance Measurement
Alan Hochstein GIIM 610 - Economics
Maya Kabbara GIIM 613 - Asset Pricing and Portfolio Management I
Patrick Kelley GIIM 637 - Strategic Management
Gillian Leithman

GIIM 626 - Organizational Behaviour

Ian Rakita GIIM 614 - Security Valuation in the Domestic and International Environment

GIIM 621 - Fixed Income Analysis

Gerry Ramos GIIM 636 - Alternative Investments
Vikram Iyer GIIM 624 - Analysis of Equity Investments
Rahul Ravi GIIM 618 - Seminar in Corporate Finance
Bryan Barbieri GIIM 619 - Marketing Management
Latha Shanker

GIMM 622 - Derivatives

Mike Vinokur GIIM 623 - Asset Pricing and Portfolio Management II
Stephen Kibsey & Marco Di Sabato GIIM 653 - Seminar in Investment Analysis and Management
Li Yao GIIM 611 - Financial Statement Analysis I
TBD GIIM 615 - CFA® Exam Preparation Course Level I

GIIM 625 - CFA® Exam Preparation Course Level II

TBD GIIM 634 - CFA® Exam Preparation Course Level III
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