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Tuition & aid

JMSB's graduate programs are some of the most affordable of all AACSB-accredited schools in North America because our program is highly subsidized by the Quebec government. In addition, the cost of living in Montreal is significantly lower than in most other large North American cities.

The University reserves the right to modify the published tuition scale and other student fees, without prior notice, at any time before the beginning of an academic term. 

Program costs

Beyond program costs (such as books, stationery and supplies), students should budget for living expenses of at least $12,000 CDN per year. This figure is based on the standard needs of a single person and includes accommodation, groceries, clothing, public transportation and miscellaneous expenditures. Under collaborative agreements sanctioned by the governments of Quebec and France, citizens of France qualify to pay Quebec tuition fees.

The cost of books may vary significantly from one course to another. However, buying used books can significantly reduce this expense. Please visit the Concordia bookstore and enter the course number to view course materials and associated costs.

Estimate MSCM program tuition and fees

Full-time students
  • Canadian, Quebec residents: $6,071.87*
  • Canadian, non-Quebec: $13,589.57*
  • International students: $37,777.17*
Part-time students
  • Canadian, Quebec residents: $6,425.21*
  • Canadian, non-Quebec: $13,942.91*
  • International students: N/A

*Approximate total program costs

To calculate costs

Funding & support

There are various sources for funding for MSCM students throughout their time in the program. Please see the information below to learn more.

Mitacs Accelerate Program

The Mitacs Accelerate program offers graduate students and postdoctoral fellows the opportunity to apply their scientific knowledge to real-world applications, and provides companies the potential to increase their competitive advantage through access to high-quality research expertise. In this context, MSCM student internships that meet the Accelerate program requirements may secure up to $15,000 in total internship funding:
i) The applied research proposal should meet the academic standards of Mitacs, and
ii) The company at which the applied research project is to be conducted should match the Mitacs funding at a level of $7,500 per student.

Graduate awards & fellowships

Each year entrance scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis. The number and amounts vary depending on the availability of funds.

Each year the School of Graduate Studies offers many Fellowships and Awards to graduate students. 


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