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Stéphane Brutus, PhD

RBC Professor of Motivation and Employee Performance, Management

Stéphane Brutus, PhD
Office: S-MB 13133 
John Molson Building,
1450 Guy
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2992


Recent refereed Journal Publications

Brutus,S. & Bothello, J. (in press). Pegeantry, prizes, and pedagogy: A tournament ritual view on business school case competitions. Academy of Management Learning and Education.

Dandalt, E., & Brutus, S. (in press). Business faculty promotion evaluation and gender equity. Educational Management Administration and Leadership.

Dandalt, E., & Brutus, S. (2020). Teacher performance appraisal regulation: A policy case analysis. NASSP Bulletin, 104(1), 1-14.

Donia, M.B.L., O'Neill, T.A., Brutus, S., (2018).  The longitudinal effects of peer feedback in the development and transfer of student teamwork skills, Learning and Individual Differences, 61, 87-98,

Sahir, R., & Brutus, S. (2018). A view of the role of expert in corporate consulting. Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, 70(2), 95-112.

Brutus, S.,Javadian, R., & Panaccio, A. (2017). The journey to work: Exploring differences in early day mood and stress between cyclists, drivers, and public transport users.  International Journal of Workplace Health Management, 10(1), 13-24.

Saffie, C., & Brutus, S.  (2013).  The impact of interdependence on performance evaluations: The mediating role of discomfort with performance appraisal.  International Journal of Human Resource Management, 25(3), 459-473.

Brutus, S., Aguinis, H., & Wassmer, U.  (2013). Self-reported limitations and future research directions in scholarly reports: Analysis and recommendations. Journal of Management, 39(1), 48-75.

Brutus, S., Donia, M., & Ronen, S.  (2013). Can business students learn to evaluate better? Evidence from repeated exposure to a peer evaluation process.  Academy of Management Learning and Education, 12(1), 18-31

Mayo, M., Kakarika, M., Pastor, J.C., & Brutus, S.  (2012).  Aligning or Inflating Your Leadership Self-Image? A Longitudinal Study of Responses to Peer Feedback in MBA Teams. Academy of Management Learning and Education, 11(4), 631-652.

Brutus,S., & Duniewicz, K.  (2012).  The many heels of Achilles: An analysis ofself-reported limitations in leadership research.  LeadershipQuarterly, 23(1), 202-212.

Bhave,D., & Brutus, S.  (2011).  A Macro Perspective to Micro Issues. Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectiveson Science and Practice, 4(2), 165-168.

Brutus, S., Gill,H., & Duniewicz, K.  (2010).  Self-reported limitations in Industrial andOrganizational psychology.  Personnel Psychology, 63(4), 907-936.

Brutus, S., &Donia, M.  (2010).  Improving the effectiveness of students ingroups with a centralized peer evaluations system.  Academyof Management Learning and Education, 9(4),652-662.

Brutus, S.  (2010). Words and Numbers: A Theoretical Explorationof Giving and Receiving Narrative Comments in Performance AppraisalHumanResource Management Review, 20(2), 144-157.

Recent Non-refereed Publications, Books, and Book Chapters

Anseel, F., & Brutus, S. (2019). Dyadic aspects of feedback. Tobe published in Feedback at Work,L. A. Steelman & J.R. Williams(Eds). Springer.

McCauley, C. & Brutus, S. (2019). Applicationof 360 Feedback for Leadership Development. To be published in the Handbook of Strategic 360Degree Feedback, A.H., Church, D.W. Bracken, J.W. Fleenor, &D.S. Rose, (Eds). Oxford University Press.

Recent Refereed Journal Publications (non-english)

Pettersen,N., St-Pierre, J. & Brutus, S.  (2012).  Relation entre les compétences dudirigeant de PME et la performance de son entreprise: apport d’un instrument demesure multisource. Revue Internationale PME.

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