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Leadership Bootcamp

Ready for a sprint? Or do you prefer a long run?


If you need to develop leadership skills in a short amount of time, then you should opt for the Leadership Sprint. This program will equip you with the tools and confidence to up your game and propel you ahead in your career in just two days.

If you have more time to invest, then opt for the Leadership Bootcamp to get the full experience with three additional courses: Reinforcing Your Tool Belt, Agile and Adaptive Leader, and Leadership in Action, a live case competition.

Dates and fee


Leadership Sprint

September 15, 16, 17 & 18, 2020 

Leadership Bootcamp





Leadership Sprint: 4 days, 9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Leadership Bootcamp: TBC


Leadership Sprint

$1,950 CAD (+ taxes)*

Leadership Bootcamp

$3,745 CAD (+ taxes)*


*The program fee covers tuition, program materials and a Smart Certificate


Course one: Leadership Sprint*
Diane Fulton

Leadership Assessment

Successful leaders must learn to identify their strengths and challenges, and understand how to use them to support their own success and their organization’s goals. This part of the program contains four separate sections: Leadership Assessment, Leadership Success Factors, Emotional Intelligence, and Decision-Making and Team Effectiveness. Participants will review and learn important concepts in each section, and then apply them to their own leadership situation.


*This course can be taken as a standalone program, but it is also the first course in the Leadership Bootcamp.

Course two: Reinforcing Your Tool Belt
Michel Magnan

Financial Acumen

This course aims to provide participants with an understanding as to how financial statements capture and reflect the economic outcome of an organization’s strategy. Adopting the perspective of an organization’s top leadership (board of directors, senior management), and relying on an actual set of financial statements, participants will be exposed to and will review financial statements to assess its value creation and performance, evaluate if its financial, material and human resources are allocated in an efficient and effective way or benchmark against competitors. Ultimately, participants will be able to apprehend the consequences of managerial actions on a firm’s financial statements.

Course three: Agile and Adaptive Leader
Palma Robinson 

Unleashing the power and potential of your people, team and organization.

This one-day interactive workshop will introduce you to new perspectives on leadership and provide you with a practical, hands-on experience that will impact the way you think, feel and act empowered when faced with uncertainty and risk. This session will increase your and others’ willingness and motivation to take initiative, while holding you and others responsible and accountable for the outcome of these actions. It will positively contribute to increased levels of confidence, satisfaction and trust.

Discussion will focus on strategies and tools designed to sustain new thinking and new management practices conducive to learning, experimentation and risk taking. 

Course four: Leadership in Action
Tim Field

Live case presentation and case competition.

On day one of this session, a representative from Cirque du Soleil will present participants with a case, which will challenge and test the leadership skills they have learned over the past three sessions. Participants will then take the rest of the day to work on the case in preparation for a live case competition, which will take place in front of a panel on day two.



Experienced, passionate, innovative. The Leadership Bootcamp’s faculty team members are leaders in their field.

Diane Fulton

Diane Fulton
Part-time Faculty, Applied Human Sciences

Diane Fulton is a part-time faculty member in the Department of Applied Human Science at Concordia University. Diane is also a faculty member for the Personal and Professional Coach Certificate (PPCC) program - Concordia University. She is a certified professional Coach. 

Diane has over 30 years of experience as both a practitioner and an educator. As a practitioner, Diane works as a coach, process consultant, facilitator, trainer, educator and researcher across a wide range of industries such as education, manufacturing, service, and technology in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. As an educator and part-time faculty member at Concordia University, Diane uses adult learning principles in combination with an experiential learning approach and process facilitation to teach people how to use self as an instrument for change. 

Diane is a specialist in human systems intervention; creating self-sustaining entities - learning organizations and communities with self-managed individuals. 

Diane received her Bachelor degree from Concordia University with a double major in Psychology and Applied Human Sciences. She received her Master's degree in Educational Leadership from McGill University. Diane is PCC certified with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 

Michel Magnan

Michel Magnan, PhD, FRSC, FCPA Auditor, FCA, AFC, C.Dir
Professor, Accountancy
Stephen A. Jarislowsky Chair in Corporate Governance

Palma Robinson

Palma Robinson, M.Ps.C.Psych. Assoc.
CEO, Developing Leaders

Palma is an executive coach and organizational development consultant with more than twenty years of experience. Her strength lies in her ability to propose and facilitate personal change initiatives that empower individuals to make meaningful choices and take positive action in their lives as leaders.

She coaches C-suite executives from multinational corporations. Ms. Robinson designs global talent Leadership initiatives to support strategic growth objectives; innovative, growth-related executive coaching programs and facilitates personal change initiatives. She has served in the high technology, pharamceutical, automotive, transportation, financial services, manufacturing, and banking industries. Her coaching specialities include strategic thinking, executive presence, strategic communication, change readiness, high performance teams, leadership team alignment, diversity and inclusion, global and cross-cultural issues, mergers and acquisitions, success and career development.

Palma is President of Developing Leaders; a firm specializing in helping successful leaders develop themselves, their people and their teams to achieve positive, long-term changes in behaviour leading to increased performance. She consults with CEOs and executives on issues of talent leadership, succession management, assessment and development of current and future leaders to complement their business strategy. She has taught at McGill and Concordia universities in their E.M.B.A. and executive leadership development programs. She is a columnist for Canadian Business magazine on work-related issues.

Keynote addresses to the Conference Board of Canada include “Coaching for Influence and Expanding Your Global Impact” and “Building Leadership: Transformation Capabilities.”

Palma is an Associate of The Niagara Institute: A division of The Conference Board of Canada.

Tim Field

Tim Field, MBA
Senior Lecturer, Management
Miriam Roland Fellow in Business Ethics


Program contact

Valérie Lancelot-Mingot

Program Manager, Executive Education

Phone: 514-848-3960
Toll free: 1-866-333-2271


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