Explore the ins and outs of ESG—Why does it matter and what does this mean for the future?

The Anatomy of ESG

Environmental KPIs and their role in sustainable investing. In this first session you will explore how companies are looking at everything from actively managing their carbon footprints to ensuring labor laws are being upheld.

ESG Strategies and Roles

What strategies are investors using to manage ESG risk and seek opportunity? Understand the roles that fund managers, asset owners, policymakers, corporations, and individual investors have. During the session, you will discuss important (material) ESG issues and apply best practice solutions.

Cybersecurity, Corporate Governance, and Risk Management

Cybersecurity is now a corporate governance and risk management issue.   As such, companies have begun to consider the issue holistically and as part of a larger compliance and integrity program, rather than shunting cybersecurity issues to the IT department today and litigation counsel tomorrow.  

Compare and Contrast

The tale of two fund managers

ESG Ecosystem

Who are the players in the ecosystem with emphasis on CSR reports and ESG data providers? Identifying data gaps and ESG data challenges.

Impact Investments

Impact investing with emphasis on green capital allocation and social enterprises including green bonds, sustainable real estate, and private equity. 

Sustainable Investing Challenge

We invite you to bring your own ESG challenge to class. Together with fellow participants and seasoned ESG experts, you will have the opportunity to apply core finance principles to target the economic, social and environmental challenges that drive the field of sustainable investing. Ideas might focus on areas like water, energy, food, social mobility, climate change, etc.  

Develop and Pitch

You will have the opportunity to develop and pitch your solution to tackle your most pressing ESG challenge.

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