PGCC Topics

The PGCC program adheres to the philosophical and evidence-based tradition of goal-centric coaching. It relies on solid empirical research from diverse disciplines concerning behaviour change, effective communication, ethical principles, and the need for reflective practice among professional coaches.

Background of Coaching

  • Professional and Personal Coaching: History and current orientation
  • Relation to other helping professions

Theoretical Underpinnings

  • Theoretical perspectives underlying coaching and behaviour change
  • A meta-model of the coaching process
  • Stage models of individual change processes

Coach's Posture

  • Coaching Orientation
  • Ethics, goals, boundaries, and agreements in coaching
  • Mapping the coaching environment

Core Competencies Dialogue, Reflection and Inquiry

  • Identifying passion, strengths and resources
  • Challenging self-limiting beliefs
  • Creating awareness of discrepancies
  • The method of inquiry

Core Competency of Creating Awareness

  • Reflection of meaning
  • Self-disclosure
  • Asset and resource search

Influencing Behavior

  • Feedback, reframes and challenges
  • Metaphors
  • Intuition and interpretation
  • Appreciative guidance

Goal Setting and Action Planning to Promote Client Growth

  • Accessing motivation
  • Identifying skills, resources and opportunities
  • Addressing obstacles and barriers
  • Eliciting commitment
  • Fostering accountability
  • Co-creating assignments

Safeguarding the Change

  • Holding the agenda - awareness of standards
  • Monitoring action
  • Supporting mastery
  • Identifying and celebrating success
  • Preventing relapse

Program contact

Contact us if you wish to receive a detailed outline for this program.


Valérie Lancelot-Mingot

Program Manager, Executive Education

Phone: 514-848-3960
Toll free: 1-866-333-2271

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