PGCC policies


Attendance at all sessions is mandatory. Participants who miss a session or part of a session will be asked to make up the time missed (hour for hour). In the event of emergency, a maximum of 15 hours (two days) can be replaced with prior permission from the facilitators. Costs for replacement sessions are the responsibility of the participant. Proof of registration and attendance at the replacement sessions is required. All replacement sessions must be completed by the end of the examination period. Replacement possibilities are limited and must be approved by facilitators.

Management of learning

Commitment and openness to personal change is essential to becoming an effective coach. In this program, participants are expected to manage their own learning by:

  1. asking relevant questions and seeking clarifications when necessary;
  2. sharing experiences with others;
  3. seeking and being receptive to feedback;
  4. providing feedback when appropriate; and
  5. taking responsibility for feelings and emotions raised throughout the learning journey.

Since this is a professional training program leading to certification in the field of coaching, faculty reserves the right to give participants clear feedback when their behaviour is deemed failing to adhere to professional norms for a coach’s personal and professional conduct. Faculty may request that individuals who are unable to appropriately self-manage withdraw from the program.

General guidelines for participation

All PPCC participants will be expected to behave in a manner that manifests a professional coach-like attitude of caring, respect, fairness, and support toward all others in the learning community. Participants are asked to abide by the following norms:

  • Respect confidentiality;
  • Acknowledge the expertise in this group, yet keep a beginner's mind;
  • Exhibit appropriate coach-like behaviour in all engagements;
  • Support each other's learning trajectories;
  • Demonstrate inclusivity, equity, and non-competitiveness;
  • Cultivate self-awareness and self-responsibility;
  • Refrain from acting on the negative judgment of others;
  • Be fully present, monitor your participation, and show up on time on training dates;
  • Bring your own experiences to bear in group discussions: speak in the first-person rather than framing ideas as generalities, or on behalf of other program participants.
  • Be receptive to feedback from faculty.

Program contact

Contact us if you wish to receive a detailed outline for this program.


Valérie Lancelot-Mingot

Program Manager, Executive Education

Phone: 514-848-3960
Toll free: 1-866-333-2271

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