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Windows 10 upgrade

To remain compliant with IT security standards at Concordia University, faculty and staff members currently working on Concordia issued PC devices will be required to upgrade to Windows 10 to ensure continued support from Microsoft. Microsoft has announced that with the release of Windows 10, Windows 7 systems will no longer be supported with security updates and bug/feature patches.

Computers with Windows 7 will no longer be supported and they will be blocked from the Concordia network.

If you have:

A Concordia University owned Windows 7 computer - please contact the IT Service Desk to arrange to have it upgraded to Windows 10.

A personal computer running Windows 7 (not owned by Concordia University) – visit the Microsoft website about installing Windows 10.

This Concordia upgrade is only for computers running Windows 7. To learn how to identify your Operating System, consult the FAQ.

Before you begin your upgrade from Windows 7

  • Ensure you regularly backup your documents. Validate your backups before performing the system upgrade. IITS recommends backing up your files to your Home Drive
  • To avoid disruptions to your work, it is recommended to run the upgrade prior to leaving for the day as it will interrupt your computer for up to 2 hours. When you return in the morning your computer will be running Windows 10.
  • Save and close any open files before you begin the installation.
  • Do not shut down your computer before you leave for the day; shutting down will prevent the upgrade from starting or will interrupt the process if already begun. 

Upgrade to Windows 10

  • If your computer is eligible, the upgrade is available in your Software Centre. Otherwise, please contact the Service Desk by email at




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