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Recording for flipped classes - Camtasia

Camtasia is a screen-casting software that allows users to create a video by narrating a Powerpoint slide presentation or use of another screen on a computer and recording the presentation.  Camtasia then lets users edit the recordings so that they can have the most visual and audio impact.

Because it is easy to use, makes recordings, and allows for easy editing of the video and audio tracks, Camtasia is ideally suited for preparing the recordings used in flipped courses.  Flipped courses in which instructors record lectures, upload them to Moodle, and expect students to view them before the class session, so instructors can use class time to work through problems and exercises or similar application activities.

Related policy:
When recording voice or image of anyone other than the instructor, instructors must receive signed release forms from people.  Instructors should include a statement of use either on their course outline or in the Moodle site, or both.  More specific information is available on Moodle.  See documentation below.

Who can use it?

Instructors - for recording purposes.   

How much does it cost?

The software and associated support are not available through Concordia IT Services.  Instructors need to purchase their own copy of the software.

How to get it

  • Faculty must purchase and download the software directly from the publisher Techsmith :
  • Some funding is available to support faculty with the purchase of Camtasia, upon application and review. Please contact the CTL for more information:

Service availability

This is a third-party software that instructors download and install on their own computers.  The service provider might occasionally deliver updates to registered users and notifies users when this happens. 



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