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Step 2: Program and course information

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  • The academic year at Concordia starts in September and ends in April. It is divided into two semesters: Fall Semester (September through December) and Winter Semester (January through April).
  • Most courses last only one semester, but some last for the full academic year.
  • The majority of exchange students come to Concordia for one semester; full academic year (September to April) exchanges are also possible with the approval of your home institution.
  • If you are admitted for only one semester, you cannot register for courses that last the entire Academic Year.
  • Please visit the following websites for a list of important dates, including semester start and end dates, University closures and holidays:
  • Important Dates for Undergraduate Students
    Important Dates for Graduate Students

Undergraduate course load:

  • Undergraduate students are permitted to take a minimum of 12 credits or a maximum of 15 credits each semester which is generally equal to 4-5 courses worth 3 credits each.
  • Your home instituion may oblige you to take 15 credits per semester rather than 12.  Please be sure to check with your home institution exchange coordinator to verify your particular course load requirement.
  • Taking more than 15 credits is not advisable and may not be possible.
  • In your exchange application, you should list at least 6 courses you would like to take at Concordia.
  • You should not include graduate courses on your list as you will not be granted permission to register for them.

Graduate student course load

  • Graduate students must take at least 8 graduate credits during their exchange semester.
  • Most graduate students take 9 credits or 3 courses.
  • In your exchange application, you should list at least 4 courses you would like to take.
  • You should not list undergraduate courses as they do not count towards the minimum 8 graduate credits required for registration.
  • Applicants to the MBA program must take a minimum of 12  credits per semester which normally equals 4 courses worth 3 credits each.

Courses and descriptions: Please visit the appropriate website for you.

Course schedule: You can view the latest Concordia course schedule online. If you are trying to select courses for a future semester not yet appearing, then please assume that most of the courses listed on the current schedule will be offered during the same semester(s) for future academic years. The schedule is normally updated in March for the following academic year.

Restricted Courses: Not all of Concordia’s courses are open to exchange students. When selecting which courses you would like to take at Concordia, please keep the following lists of restrictions in mind.

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