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Connecting Concordia University with global voices in action around some of the world's most pressing issues 

More than half of today’s 1.2 billion Africans are less than 21 years of age. Two-thirds are below 30. It is a youthful continent; home to eight out of ten of the fastest growing economies, presenting a favorable environment for growth and opportunity. At a time of growth in influence within global engagements, CAI presents an opportunity to bring more African insights to Concordia’s teaching and learning, and more Canadian insights to Africa.

Through the Concordia Africa Initiative (CAI), Concordia University is building transformative relationships with African communities and institutions. We seek to contribute to the development of a sustainable and equitable world, through collaborative and engaged partnerships.

We see value in directing the university’s best strengths toward action on key areas impacting socio and economic growth. Among them:

  • Climate change and sustainability
  • Innovation and social entrepreneurship
  • Information technology
  • Leadership development
  • Pedagogical innovation
  • Arts and culture
  • Youth and mobility

Through educational exchanges, impact-oriented research partnerships, and a wide range of knowledge mobilization activities, we are able to bring cross cultural insights into our engagements.

Passionate about innovation, social entrepreneurship, youth leadership and championing Africa’s growth. 

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