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Road to health

Tips for a sound body, mind… and wallet

As everyone knows, health is wealth. Being fit both physically and mentally will go a long way toward your overall well-being.

There’s another incentive to strive for optimal health: your wallet. Indeed, there’s a price to pay for illness or injury:

  • your out-of-pocket expenses for health care;
  • your payroll deductions for coverage under the Health Plan and the Dental Plan; and
  • the income taxes that Québec residents must pay on the premiums that the university pays for coverage.

Some might point out that the last two items in the above list are payable whether you are healthy or not. That’s true, except that the amounts payable will grow as your medical and dental claims grow. As explained in the section How costs are determined under the Health Plan (login to Cspace), the premiums that both you and the University pay are based on the claims paid out to employees and pensioners each benefit year. So, how much participants and their families actually use the plan in any given benefit year will determine increases or decreases in benefit premiums at each renewal of the plan.

So, how do you achieve optimal health physically… and financially? It’s a journey that takes place one day at a time. Are you ready? If so, take a hike… the Healthy Hike, that is! The trail outlined below guides you through considerations and tips intended to help you and your family—and your wallet—to be healthy.

The Healthy Hike

The Healthy Hike

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