2022 Events

Get back on campus safely!

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Events on campus roadmap

Internal and external organizers can resume organizing and hosting on-campus events, including conferences, exhibitions, performances, and other non-academic gatherings at full capacity. 

Beginning May 14, all restrictions related to COVID-19 are lifted except for those taking place in public spaces (i.e. atriums and open lounges). Cocktails and receptions will not be allowed in public spaces and masks will still be required for events taking place in public spaces until June 22.


Event regulations 

Physical Distancing: 1-metre of social distancing is recommended, but not required. 

Capacity: Venues are now at 100% capacity.

Mask Requirements: 

  • Begining May 14, masks will no longer be mandatory for outdoor or enclosed events (i.e. a spaces that require keys or an access card to be accessed).  
  • Masks are still required for events taking place in a public spaces (i.e. atriums and open lounges) until June 22.
  • Masks are still recommended when not eating or drinking. 

Monitoring: no longer required. 

Vaccination Passport: No longer required.

NOTE: Cocktails and receptions are not allowed in atriums until June 22.

Need some guidance? 

Check out Concordia’s return-to-campus plan, reach out to the DSA of the space you are booking, or contact Environmental Health and Safety.  


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