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Get back on campus safely!

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Planning an in-person activity on campus?

The continued health and safety of the entire Concordia community remain the university’s top priority. In addition to the guidelines related to our return to campus; new directives for permissible events on campus have been created in consultation with units across the university and are based on the Government of Quebec’s current reopening plan. 


Environmental Health and Safety has specific guidelines in place to ensure compliance with governmental safety regulations and are subject to change according to evolving health directives.

Regulations for holding events on campus

Space reservations will resume according to pre-pandemic operations outlined in the Policy on the Temporary Use of Space (VPS-24) with the addition of COVID safety regulations outlined below.  

  • Only events organized by internal community members for the purpose of Concordia-related activities for students, faculty and staff are permitted on campus. Events with the purpose to attract the general public onto campus will not be permitted. (Guest speakers are permitted)
  • Please submit your event request for consideration to the appropriate Designated Space Administrator (DSA) or in the MyEvents portal at least 10 business days prior to your desired event. In the case of an internal event with an external speaker, please submit your event for consideration at least 20 business days prior to your desired event.

Indoor Events 

  • Up to a maximum of 250 people (based on revised and reduced space capacity). 
  • Mandatory seating required. 
  • Masks are mandatory except in meetings and events where the set-up allows for a 2 meter distance to be maintained.
  • 1 metre of social distancing is required when masked and seated.

NOTE: Standing events with circulation and no assigned seating require a 10 square metre surface area per participant, according to government directives. As a result, these types of events cannot be held at Concordia during this time based on our current available space.  

Outdoor Events 

  • Up to a maximum of 500 people (based on revised and reduced space capacity).  

  • Mandatory seating required. 

  • 1.5-metres of social distancing is required while seated.  

  • Masks can be removed when seated with a 1.5-metre distance, however masks are always recommended. 

  • One supervisor is required per 250 participants to monitor COVID safety protocols are being met.  

NOTE: Standing events with circulation and no assigned seating require a 10 square metre surface area per participant and a supervisor for every 150 participants according to government directives. There are limited outdoor spaces available to accommodate this type of activity.

Activities not permitted  

  • External events from those outside the Concordia community. 

  • Standing events such as cocktails and receptions.  

  • Alcohol at events. 

  • Self-catered or buffet catering. Only boxed meals and/or sealed individualized  beverages ordered through the university-approved caterers list are permitted.  

  • Events in atriums, with the exception of information kiosks (one per atrium). 

Events that fall outside of the parameters above will not be permitted. Limited exceptions will require the approval of senior administration.  

Need some guidance? 

Check out Concordia’s return-to-campus plan, reach out to the DSA of the space you are booking, or contact Environmental Health and Safety.  


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