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Jonathan Wener,

Message from the Chancellor


Graduation marks the culmination of years of hard work, dedication and perseverance. Despite the many challenges and continuous curveballs life threw at you these past two years — you did it!

Your experiences during the pandemic will stay with you for the rest of your lives. The social and scholastic challenges you faced and overcame have made you stronger, more adaptable and resilient. It’s a story you will tell the next generations and one that will serve you well throughout your careers.

Remember that success in the future will require adaptability and a willingness to change. Our world is facing some of the most difficult challenges in human history and we will need our best and brightest minds to tackle them.

You now join a global alumni network of more than 240,000 Concordia graduates. Take advantage of this community of potential mentors, advocates, business partners and employers. Leverage this network, engage with others and stay connected.

As a fellow graduate, I cannot wait to see all the great things you achieve. I wish you all good luck, good health and good fortune.

Jonathan Wener, C.M., BComm 71

Graham Carr

Message from the President

As a community, we’re proud to gather in celebration of you, our newest graduates. I’m overjoyed to offer hearty congratulations to all our graduates who successfully completed their programs following the exceptional circumstances we’ve all experienced. Recent years have been massively disruptive to the world of education and you should feel especially proud of your accomplishments as our community is proud of you.

I want to express my gratitude to Concordia’s faculty and staff for their unwavering commitment to deliver the university’s academic mission regardless of the challenges. Without their dedication, and the steadfast support of family members and friends, your success would not have been possible.

As you prepare to launch the next phases of your personal and professional journeys, the world is gripped by terrible challenges: the outrage of war in Ukraine, civil unrest in Iran, deep and often tragic social inequities at home and abroad, the increasing urgency of climate change, and the traumatic consequences of a lingering global health crisis.  

Countless Concordia alumni have made their mark by working to improve the well-being of society and our planet. Concordia’s graduates are our best ambassadors. I take comfort knowing that you, the next generation of Concordia grads, will likewise devote your talent, humanity and creative thinking to tackle the grand challenges of our time.  

I wish you all success and happiness for the years to come and hope that you will stay in touch.

Graham Carr
President and Vice-Chancellor 

Headshot of Linda Donnini

Welcome to your alumni association

Dear graduates, 

Congratulations on reaching your milestone! The successful completion of your degree under such challenging times is no small feat. I take great pride in how our student body went above and beyond!

You now join a global network of more than 240,000 alumni — a vast community that will support you on your professional journey. The Concordia University Alumni Association provides a variety of services, resources and events to help our graduates thrive and grow.

I hope you find as much inspiration and strength in our community as I have. 

Welcome to the Concordia alumni family. We wish you continued success in your educational, career and life journey! 


Linda Donnini, BSc 91  
President, Concordia University Alumni Association

P.S. Keep in touch with our global networking platform Alumni Connect, as well as our alumni network.

245,000 proud alumni

Your diploma

Those who did not attend the ceremony can either pick-up in-person or submit a request to have it mailed (mailing fees apply).

Ensure your account is clear

Check your account and be sure to pay any outstanding fees. See acceptable methods of payment.

Pick-up (drop-in hours, no appointment necessary)

Monday to Friday: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

FB-900 (1250 Guy St., 9th Floor)

You must present photo ID in order to obtain your diploma.

A proxy may pick-up your diploma on your behalf. The proxy must bring a printed and signed authorization form with the graduate's true signature (not a typed font)We do not accept digital versions shown on a device but require the printed copy in hand.

Gown return

If you were unable to return your gown at Place des Arts, please drop-off your gown and hood during the pick-up hours listed above.

Charges will apply for unreturned gowns and hoods.

Submit a mailing form

To have your diploma mailed, please complete the Diploma Mail-in Form and email or mail it back to us. The mailing fee is $34. (CAD). Complete payment information is indicated on the form. 

·         Letters of invitation

·         Letters of invitation


Still have questions?

Contact the Office of the Registrar
Tel: 514-848-2424, ext. 2668

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