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Industry partnerships

Is your company already at the forefront of the aerospace industry? Take innovation to the next level and help design training for the next generation of aerospace engineering talent with NCADE’s industry-based apprenticeships at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Apprenticeships for undergraduate students

NCADE offers a European-style aerospace apprenticeship program for engineering undergraduate students of any discipline. These future engineers spend their summers with your company throughout their four-year degree learning the business, the product and the company culture across the entire product lifecycle.

Apprenticeships for graduate students

Graduate students in a 2-year Masters of Applied Science (MASc) and a 3-year Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program with an NCADE supervisor start their program with a four to six month apprenticeship with industry to develop a big-picture understanding of the aerospace industry and explore possible thesis topics.

Research partnerships

After completing their initial apprenticeship and a term of coursework, students work with an NCADE supervisor and an industry partner on the research for their thesis in the form of a four-month apprenticeship, and then return to Concordia to complete the coursework for their program and their thesis, with the industry partner serving as a co-supervisor.

Recommended program sequence for a September admission

Year 1
  • Term 1 (September – December) Apprenticeship in industry
  • Term 2:  (January – May): Coursework
Year 2
  • Term 1 (May – August): Thesis-related research term in industry.
    • You may complete your coursework if the industry partner is local
  • Term 2 (September – December): Complete course work and thesis literature review
  • Term 3 (January – May): Complete, submit and defend thesis... and graduate!

Interested in offering innovative, experiential and hands-on approaches to training aerospace design engineers at the undergraduate or graduate level? Become an NCADE partner.

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