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Concordia University's Reliability, Availability, Maintainability & Safety Engineering Summer School

JUNE 17-21, 2019



As the aviation industry prepares for rapid expansion and the continued integration of digital technology, it is crucial that those working in the industry equip themselves with the most up-to-date information on a regular basis. While technology once lasted years before it needed updating, innovative breakthroughs are now occurring every day, and these breakthroughs are quickly making their way into the aviation industry.

The RAMS Engineering Summer School 2019 seminars are addressed to any professional involved in the lifecycle of a product: higher management, specialists, integrators, design, development and test engineers, supply chain, maintenance planning experts, etc. RAMSESS 2019 is also an opportunity for graduate students and industry professionals to advance their skills, network with their peers and industry partners.

The seminars introduce the RAMS fundamentals and emphasize the added-value of each method through examples, case studies, practical aspects of the implementation and offer a complete set of dedicated tools.

This is the first and largest RAMS summer school in Montreal that offers certification and OIQ credits.

Dates and fee

Dates: June 17–21, 2019
Location: Concordia University, Montreal (EV building
Language: English 
Cost: Regular—$2,500 CAD (+ taxes)
Student—$750 CAD (+ taxes)
One day (no certificate)—$1,200 CAD (+ taxes)
Group (3 or more), CASI, CIADI—$2,100 CAD each (+ taxes)

Students' enrollment is subject to places availablity.


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