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In general, a course in a department outside Computer Science is acceptable as an elective if it can be taken as part of a degree program by students in that department. For example, a Biology (BIOL) course can be taken as an elective if it can be taken as a part of an undergraduate program in Biology.

Out of department computer related courses may not be taken as electives unless a written request is granted by the Undergraduate Program Director of Computer Science on a Student Request Form.

The following is a partial list of courses that students in B. Comp. Sci. programs may not take as elective credits. This list is not complete; if in doubt, consult the Computer Science Undergraduate Program Director.

  • MATH 200 to 220 inclusive (Only MEP or ECP students required to do these courses may take them as part of their program)
  • BCEE 231, 232, 331
  • COMP 201, 212, 218
  • COEN 311, 417
  • MECH 471, 215, 216
  • All INTE course
  • MAST 214, 217
  • With the exception of COMM 499F, Personal Finance, no other COMM 499 or DESC 490 special topic courses may be taken (unless written approval is received from the UGPD of Computer Science)
  • DESC 381, 382, 384, 385, 445, 477, 481-484, 487, 490, 492, 495
  • COMM 212, 301
  • ESL courses (unless specifically required to do them)
  • All other out-of-Faculty computer-related courses not listed (unless written request is granted by the UGPD of Computer Science on a Student Request Form)

ESL course requirements

Please note that a maximum of 6 credits of required ESL course credits may be used in Computer Science. All other ESL courses must be taken in addition to the program.

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