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Read about some of our exceptional graduate students and their outstanding work in research-creation.

Fibres and Material Practices

The Fibres and Material Practices concentration in the MFA in Studio Arts provides a dynamic environment for the development of a contemporary art practice in which studio production is central.

Carissa Carman

A hothouse of ideas: Fibres and Material Practices student weaves interactive components into her multi-faceted work.

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Dana Dal Bo

The artist is in: Fibres and Material Practices student explores the mindset of sexuality.

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Emily Jan

Naturally mythological: Animals, myth and travel inspire this artist's exploration of very real human issues.

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Film Production

The MFA in Studio Arts, Film Production program promotes an expanded notion of cinema, encouraging all formats of image support, including animation, film and digital-based media, and forms of exhibition, from traditional single-channel projection to installation.

Alexandre Larose

What will be, will be: Experimental filmmaker lets intuition guide his choices.

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Mia Donovan

The accidental filmmaker: Mia Donovan wants to tell the stories of the marginalized. One of them has changed how she makes art.

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Stéphane Calce

The marriage of pictures and sounds: Filmmaker follows his childhood passions -- and finds a new one.

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Intermedia (Video, Performance and Electronic Arts)

Intermedia (Video, Performance and Electronic Arts) is grounded historically and intellectually in an art production that is hybrid in character. It provides a venue for diverse art forms such as performance art, installation, video and electronic art.

Erin Gee

The voice in the machine: Exploring the relationship between humans and computers comes naturally to this audio artist.

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Jennifer Cherniack

The organization of art: What do Friends and files, Jackson Pollock and posters have in common? Jennifer Cherniack's penchant for arranging things her way.

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Leigh Kotsilidis

A question of belief: Artist challenges her audience to challenge their thinking.

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Painting and Drawing

The work of students in the Painting and Drawing concentration of the MFA in Studio Arts reflects the broad scope of practices within the field today. Building upon its extensive history and multiple traditions, this area of concentration embraces a diverse territory of subjects, media and conceptual frameworks.

Corri-Lynn Tetz

Radical style overhaul: Painter heeds MFA call to experiment.

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Jenna Meyers

The companion: Painting transcends the sum of its parts for this South African-born artist.

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Paul Hardy

The stories behind the stories: Artist layers paint, narrative and his own story to create visual poetry.

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The Photography concentration of the MFA in Studio Arts program provides an opportunity to develop an advanced body of professional work that reflects the shifting formal and conceptual concerns of contemporary photographic practices.

Jacynthe Carrier

Beauty and the Abandoned: Photographer examines the spaces between natural and urban landscape - where anything may happen.

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Jinyoung Kim

The immigrant experience: Creating new cultures from old.

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Velibor Božović

Every picture tells a story - or does it? A photography student explores what goes on behind the frame.

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Print Media

The Print Media concentration provides students with a milieu to investigate the meaningful relationships that exist between the technologies of reproduction, individual expression and contemporary society.

Anthony Vrakotas

Breaking bad: Print media student makes his point by playing with processes.

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Étienne Tremblay-Tardif

The interchange of place and identity: "Every good art piece should have a bit of mystery to it."

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Jacquelin Heichert

How do you do ....?: Print media student wants to know how - and why - people do the things they do.

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The Sculpture area is committed to the development of an individual studio practice in the context of contemporary art issues and ideas.

David Butler

How to get a head in fine arts: Sculptor gets a new lease on his practice from the digital realm.

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Julie Favreau

Artist draws on life experiences to explore relationship between human and object.

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Michael Doerksen

Thought in Space: The spatial dynamics of sculpture intrigue this future art teacher.

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