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Undergraduate student requests and forms

The most common student requests can now be submitted directly through your Student Centre. Other requests should be submitted with the forms detailed below. Please note that only FOFA students’ requests may be made via the Student Centre at this time. This function will be implemented across all faculties in 2023. 

The following requests can now be made directly in your Student Centre: 

  • Course substitution
  • Late withdraw/DISC
  • Late registration
  • Course overload
  • Course Repeat

Requests for late withdraw/DISC must include a clear and detailed written explanation of the unforeseen events or circumstances which prevented you from dropping the course(s) by the deadline. Once your request has been approved for late withdraw/DISC, your courses will be discontinued and we will notify you in writing. If you are asking for a refund (financial credit) of fees for this course, you must indicate it on the form and upload relevant documentation such as: 

  • Student Request Medical Certificate (English / français) duly completed, signed and stamped by a licensed medical practitioner (the MD’s license number must be clearly noted on the form)
  • hospital record(s)
  • death certificate
  • accident/police report
  • travel tickets
  • a written statement from the instructor of the course(s) confirming when you stopped attending class and that you did not complete course work or exams after that date

How to submit a request form: 

  • Log in to your Student Centre.
  • In the left-hand menu, select Undergraduate Student Request Forms.
  • Select the appropriate request form.
  • Select the course for which you’re making the request.
  • Enter all required information and provide a reason for your request. 
  • You will receive an email confirming that your form has been submitted. 
  • A decision regarding your request will be sent to you by email. 

The following requests can be made by downloading the appropriate request form below and submitting it by email to 

Use the general student request form for:

  • Registration at a university outside Quebec
  • Request to waive university or program residency requirement
  • Request to transfer from "Restricted to Part-time" to "Full-time" status
  • Request to extend the deadline to submit work for incomplete courses
  • Request to unlapse a program
  • Other requests

Download the form

Use this form to:

  • Change concentration and/or program within the Faculty of Fine Arts (applies only to students currently enrolled in a BFA undergraduate degree)
  • Add or drop a Fine Arts minor

Download the form

Use this form to request a double major program

  1. Complete the Double Major Program Request form
  2. Write a rationale explaining why you wish to be accepted for the double major program and explain how the two programs interrelate and/or intersect and attach it to your completed form
  3. If you are currently registered in a fine arts program or a program outside the Faculty of Fine Arts and are requesting to add a program in the Faculty of Fine Arts, you must submit the form and rationale to the Department housing the program you wish to add prior to March 1st. In addition, you must fulfill any additional admission requirements (eg. portfolio or audition) stipulated by that program by their published deadline dates. After assessment of your portfolio or audition, your form will be automatically forwarded to Student Academic Services with their recommendation
  4. If you are currently registered in a fine arts program and are requesting to add a program OUTSIDE of the Faculty of Fine Arts, you must submit the form and rationale to that program to obtain their recommendation. Recommendations must come from either the Chair or a designated Undergraduate Advisor of that department. That Department should return the form and rationale to you and you must then submit it to Student Academic Services (EV 2.705)
  5. You will be informed of a final decision in writing. Please note that having recommendations for approval by both programs does not automatically guarantee final approval. Final decisions also require the appropriate Faculty level approval
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