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Contemporary Dance first year courses

Consult your program to see the list of recommended first-year courses and to verify whether you must make an appointment with an academic advisor. 

You should also download and print your program guide and use it to keep track of your degree requirements.

New students are NOT REQUIRED to obtain advising prior to registration. However if you wish to see an advisor you may arrange an appointment by contacting Angelique Willlkie by email at

Please be sure you bring all of your relevant admission documents with you to the appointment. Please also note that advising during the months of July and August is limited. 

Orientation for new students in Contemporary Dance will take place on Wednesday September 10th from 10:30am-11:15am (location TBA).

First- Year Recommended Courses: 
Major in Contemporary Dance 
Fall term Fall/Winter term Winter term
  FFAR 250 (6 credits)  
  DANC 201 (6 credits)  
DANC 398 Section D (3 credits)   DANC 398 Section D (3 credits)
DANC 260 (3 credits)   DANC 211 (3 credits)
3 credits any “general education” or "free" elective   DANC 250 (3 credits)

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