Understanding your degree requirements

About program guides

PROGRAM GUIDES are available for every program offered by the Faculty of Fine Arts.   They are a one-page snapshot of how the credits required for your degree are distributed within your degree intended to help you track your progress through your degree. It is critical that you follow the program guide for the year you entered into that specific program. 

Program guides can be found on the Faculty of Fine Arts website (http://www.concordia.ca/finearts/students/sas/program-guides.html)

Understanding the program guide

To use the guide, you must know program length of your degree.  This can be found in your Offer of Admission. Students admitted to an MEP (108 credit) or ECP (120 credit) program are required to complete additional credits than the regular 90 credit degree program based on their previous studies.  These additional credits are “free electives” and are entered in the top box on the program guide.  Students admitted to a 90 credit program can ignore the top box altogether.

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The specific components of your BFA degree

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