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Urban Futurist in Residence

The Urban Futurist in Residence program offers the Institute the opportunity to be stimulated by deep work in the community through longer-term relationships with vital actors and organizations. We see it as performing the civic responsibility of the university to embrace the city and support those working for change through access to our community and resources. The residency is also our part of the larger initiative to launch the Cultural Consortium through Concordia to envision how to co-produce, co-publish, co-program in the city with cultural partners in order to collectively leverage our common resources.


Urban Futurists in Residence 2017-18

Spherical is an integrative research and design strategy studio based in Oakland, California. They investigate technologies for regenerating the health and integrity of Earth’s living systems.  


David McConville
, principal and co-founder, explores the potential of visualizations to cultivate understanding of Earth's interconnected systems. He co-chairs the Buckminster Fuller Institute, which cultivates whole systems approaches to complex global challenges. He also co-founded The Elumenati, a design and engineering firm developing immersive display environments for visualizing scientific data. As the creative director of the Worldviews Network, David used storytelling and visualization to facilitate dialogues about community resilience in science centers across the United States. From 2014-2016, David was the Director of Integrative Arts at the Société des Arts Technologiques in Montréal, developing tools and techniques for transdisciplinary collaborations. He has a PhD in Art and Media from the Planetary Collegium at the University of Plymouth.



Dawn Danby, principal and co-founder, investigates the role of technology in informing design decisions to regenerate ecosystems. Her work as a design strategist traverses scales, from green chemistry to urban design. For the past decade, she led Autodesk’s sustainable design initiatives, founding the Sustainability Workshop. Dawn began her career as an industrial designer focused on ecology, and worked with the late Noel Harding in his Toronto studio on urban regeneration and international public art projects. She has taught graduate courses in sustainability and lectured around the world. She co-authored the bestselling Worldchanging: A User's Guide to the 21st Century. Dawn has an MBA in Sustainable Business from Bainbridge Graduate Institute (now Presidio) and an industrial design degree from the Rhode Island School of Design.



Inaugural Urban Futurists in Residence, 2016-17


 is a non-profit startup dedicated to facilitating temporary and transitory uses for vacant buildings in Montreal while fostering urban regeneration, social and economic responsibility, radical inclusivity and living heritage. Their work contributes to making vacant spaces affordably accessible while mitigating the risks associated with vacancy for property owners. Entremise assists local groups in the co-creation of affordable, temporary uses, as well as those seeking temporary spaces for living, creating and working such as students, startups, and social entrepreneurs. In doing so, they enable a broader group of actors collectively contribute to the processes of urbanization through the maintenance, occupation and eventual rehabilitation of essential assets for the communities of Montreal.

Jonathan Lapalme
Mallory Wilson
Cendra F. Percy
Philémon Gravel


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