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Since 2018-19 the Institute implemented a Graduate Research Fellow Program to support and amplify the research/ research creation activities of an outstanding Concordia graduate student. Calls for nominations and proposals for candidates will be circulated on February 1st. Submissions should include a one page letter of intent, outlining a project and stating how the applicant will benefit from the fellowship, an up to date CV, and one letter of support from the candidate’s supervisor. Submissions should be sent to the Director by March 1st. The Director will work in consultation with the IUF Advisory Board to select one candidate per year with the fellowship beginning on May 1st.

Eduardo Della Foresta, IUF Research Fellow 2018-2019

iuf research fellow

Eduardo Della Foresta is an artist and MFA candidate in Studio Arts at Concordia University. As a sculpture student, he is concerned with the distance between spheres of social engagement and shaping space to elicit discourse and open dialogue. He concurrently works as a caseworker with Projet logement Montréal(PLM), an organization committed to social integration and inclusion. PLM is a recovery-oriented approach to ending homelessness which centres on quickly moving people experiencing homelessness into independent and permanent housing. The project has assisted and provided subsidized housing to 250 men, women and young people suffering from episodic or chronic homelessness.

Since 2015, Eduardo has shared in this journey with 18 individuals between the ages of 19 and 75. In all of these lives, artistic expression has forged a path toward greater introspection and social exchanges. During his work with at risk groups, Eduardo considered various ways in which imagination can help reduce the painful effects of isolation and disaffiliation. Growing out of this, Eduardo's research looks at how creative spaces can produce socially inclusive places.

Over the course of the next year, Eduardo will engage these issues by partnering with PLM to build a Mobile Arts Centre program that will explore various methods of social integration and engagement with Montreal’s itinerant population through art making, and by meeting people where they are.


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