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Urban Futures Photography Competition

The Institute for Urban Futures in collaboration TeamMTL sponsored a photography competition in early spring 2018, and the selected works were exhibited in August at the 2018 Solar Decathlon in Dezhou, China. The context of the photography exhibit was TeamMTL’s entry into the international Solar Decathlon Competition, where the team competed against 21 other teams from 11 countries and 43 universities in designing and building the next generation of housing. TeamMTL was comprised of faculty and students from several departments from Concordia University and McGill University, including architecture, design and computation arts, engineering, business, management, dance and theatre. Their solar-powered prototype townhouse, the Deep Performance Dwelling, was Canada’s sole entry to this international competition.

In total 18 photos from 9 photographers from diverse fields of study at Concordia University and McGill University were selected. These photographs expressed the unique qualities of the city of Montreal and represented the vital urban context for the Deep Performance Dwelling, and how it responds to concerns for environmental, social and cultural sustainability. Over one million visitors who attended the Solar Decathlon expo were able to experience this unique architecture as well as view the on-site photography exhibit.

The photographers: Alex Megelas, Danielle Campani, Kaaria Quash, Rebecca Chant, Peter D. Currie, Susan Georgette, Bin Han, Emmanuel Chieze and Tamsin Bussières.

alex-megelas1 Alex Megelas
"Articule Block Party"
CESM58 Emmanuel Chieze
"CESM 58 - View of the Saint-Michel neighbourhood taken from the Complexe Environnemental Saint-Michel"
Rebecca Chant - Restaurant Lineup on Mount Royal Rebecca Chant
"Restaurant Lineup on Mount Royal"
Kaaria Quash - Sunset at the Old Port Kaaria Quash
"Sunset at the Old Port"
Peter Currie - Steps, Rue Saint Urbain, Le Plateau-Mont Royal Borough Peter Currie
"Steps, Rue Saint Urbain, Le Plateau-Mont Royal Borough"
Rebecca Chant - Running in the snow Rebecca Chant
"Running in the snow"
Susan Georgette - The Heart of the City Susan Georgette
"The Heart of the City"
Kaaria Quash - Cityscape Kaaria Quash
Rebecca Chant - Stairs in Le Plateau Rebecca Chant
"Stairs in Le Plateau"
Alex Megelas - Sprinklers Alex Megelas
Danielle Campani - A Day in the Life of the Commuter Danielle Campani
"A Day in the Life of the Commuter"
Danielle Campani - Riding By Mary Poppins Danielle Campani
"Riding By Mary Poppins"
Bin Han - Le Sud-Ouest Bin Han
"Le Sud-Ouest"
Peter Currie - Back Alley, Avenue Girouard, NDG Borough Peter Currie
"Back Alley, Avenue Girouard, NDG Borough"
Danielle Campani - A Montreal Lunch Danielle Campani
"A Montreal Lunch"

History and Mission of the International Solar Decathlon:
Originally launched by the US Department of Energy (DOE) in 2002, the International Solar Decathlon Competition is a green energy building competition involving participants from universities all over the world. The 2018 competition will be held in Dezhou – the sun city of China.
Each team must design and build a two-story, Net Zero Energy-capable, solar-powered house with a floor area of 120-200 m2 (1290-2150 ft2). Every house must be fully equipped with all necessary household appliances and provide for a household electric vehicle. The jury will evaluate the house’s cost feasibility, power efficiency, environment adaptability, power generation capacity, and architectural quality. Final judging is determined by a total of ten contests (5 measured, 5 juried).


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