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Salon #2
Street Smart Urbanism & Performative Approaches to Smartness

Thursday, April 11, 2019

18h00 - 20h00
Ethnography Lab, EV 10.625
Concordia University SGW
1515 St. Catherine St. W 

How can researchers from different disciplines and practices come together to diversify and critically imagine the public discussion around Smart cities? What does it mean to invoke the term ‘smart’ in a complex urban context? In English the word ‘smart’ goes beyond the generally received definition of modish and intelligent as it relates to current trends towards connectivity, responsive and mediated urban environments, generally predicated upon a ‘digital agenda,’ wherein the privileged position of smart and intelligent technologies are being furthered.

The intention of this Salon, the second in a series facilitated by Performative Urbanism, is to invite artist-researchers from a range of disciplines and practices to contribute to a ‘performative’ inquiry of the subject of Smart cities, and the sociocultural and spatial implications of emerging ‘smart’ urban technologies. A performative approach to urbanism considers emergent (and perhaps overlooked or marginalized) expressions and practices of urbanity, the politics surrounding the ‘right to the city,’ ways that less visible and powerful urban agents are at play within cities, and the affective, critical and creative role they have to play in the design, planning, and cultural production of cities. What critical framework can the ‘performative’ bring to the spatial politics and narratives of urban change in the era of Smart cities?


Laura Acosta & Santiago Tavera
Novels of Elsgüer: Virtual and Corporeal Dislocation

Cheryl Gladu
Drawing Back to Leap Forward: Rebuilding the Village Together, the Case of Collaborative Housing

Alice Jarry & Alexandre Castonguay
Mattering Matter: Cross-disciplinary Contamination and Resilient Practices

Allison Moore
Mukojimo Diorama

Nima Navab
Ambient Feedback Ecology

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